I can Fly - Sculpture/Installation:
I can Fly
Paper, fabric & onion skin, (Private Collection)
Cheongsam - Sculpture/Installation:
Paper, fabric & onion skin, (Private Collection)
Head 01 - Sculpture/Installation:
Head 01
Plywood, collage & Acrylic paint, (Private Collection)

Head 02 - Sculpture/Installation:
Head 02
Plaster of Paris, (Private Collection)
Relaxed - Sculpture/Installation:
Ceramic, (Private Collection)
Meditation - Sculpture/Installation:
Ceramic, (Private Collection)

Tips on Choice of Artworks and Configuration of Art Spaces

Art Choice, a Reflection of Personality

As you weave art into your life, finding the right artworks for your home or office requires considerable thought and planning.

Your art choices, after all, are a reflection of your personality. The subjects or themes portrayed by the art pieces, and the values and emotions they convey, shape the character of your home and office spaces, and influence your disposition. An expression of your identity, the artworks can also be indicative of social status and accomplishment.

Besides the integration of themes and emotions, you need to consider the number of artworks, their size and location, feng shui, if that concerns you, and last but not least, your budget.

In the context of disposition, Sangeeta’s paintings tend to be vivid and radiant, evoking a lively, vibrant look and feel. Leaning towards abstract, the themes portray a range of emotions and expressions, broadly encompassing nature, and often depicting earth, flowers, trees, mountains and water landscapes. Additionally she focusses on city life and urban landscapes.

Importantly as abstract works of art, Sangeeta’s painting are subject to the viewer’s interpretation. Drawing inspiration from surroundings, experiences and memories, her art emphasizes hues, shapes and textures that capture emotions and feelings.

Her artworks are purchased by individuals for decorating homes and offices, art collectors and art curators, as well as companies for sprucing up workplaces.


For home décor, Sangeeta’s abstract, radiant paintings are well suited for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms as well as hallways and entrances. And as for office décor, her paintings, often configured as gallery walls, dramatically improve the ambience of cubicles, rooms, common spaces, hallways and boardrooms.


The bedroom is your sanctuary, a place for relaxation, and art should reflect that. The most popular placement for art in the bedroom tends to directly above the bed’s headboard, where it makes an impression as you enter the room. However, as you lie in bed, it is the other walls that fall within line of sight. So these walls, and especially the one you face in bed, also deserve to be adorned.

Living Room

In the living room, directly above the sofa is where the more poignant artworks are usually placed to impress guests. Yet bearing in mind the orientation when seated, you might place the more conversational and thought provoking works, on some of the other walls.

Bathroom and Kitchen

In your bathroom and kitchen, you should consider a collection of smaller paintings, consistent in theme, choosing subjects that evokes a lighter frame of mind.


From a personal viewpoint, art in your office room is a reflection of your individuality, your branding as an individual. Yet taking a broader perspective, art in a workplace is a way of positioning a company’s product or service, conveying core values, as also a reflection of the organisation’s culture.

The intent may be to impress, intimidate, inspire, relax … affecting to an extent, the disposition of employees, customers and suppliers.

Considering that Sangeeta’s art is pleasing and engaging, with bold, bright colors, and that leaning towards abstract, it is likely to evoke favourable thoughts and feelings, stimulate mental and emotional activity, boost creativity, alleviate stress and improve productivity.

Placing Painting

Paintings should be hung at eye level. If it is to be placed above a fixture such as a bed, a sofa or console, the painting should be approximately two-third the width of the fixture.

When hanging two or more paintings, space them a few inches apart, treating them as one integral, connected composition, sharing a common theme and similar framing.

Commissioning Artwork

If you like, you may commission a work of art, the basis for which may or may not be one of Sangeeta’s existing art pieces.

Typically the time to create a custom painting depends on the size of the painting, as also the requirements. It could take 2 to 4 weeks to complete, but you should allow about a month from the finalization of the specification to the receipt of the artwork.

As regards payment, 50% is advance (non-refundable), and the rest prior to shipment. Taxes and custom duties shall be borne by the buyer.



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